Christmas Suggestion

So despite all this doom and gloom Christmas is still on the way and I for one will still be partaking in a little wine over the festive season. My usual criteria remains the same – quality over quantity and nothing unnecessarily expensive. There is nothing more exciting than unearthing a gem that doesn’t actually cost the earth!

This leads me to my first Christmas suggestion – Wine By Brad, Cabernet/Merlot (Margaret River, Australia).

Firstly let’s get the label out of the way – some people will love the look of this and some won’t, simple as that! However if the label puts you off you will be missing out.

The wine delivers from the off with bursting aromas even as you pour – rich cassis, spice and even hints of chocolate. This carries through to the palate with mouthfilling ripe dark fruits layered with lovely smooth oak and minty undertones. On the “bang for your buck” scale (15.99) this one’s a winner for me. While not necessarily one for the Christmas dinner if the traditional turkey is on your menu, this would be great with cheese or a nice piece of beef or lamb on New Years Eve perhaps. Having said that, i tasted it without food after another long day last week, and that worked just fine too!

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