Anyone For A Wee Dram?

I don’t know about you, but this sort of weather puts me in mind of a good drop. Is there anything as mellow and comforting after coming in from the cold?

Being in the Off-Licence game, Christmas starts very late for me – Christmas Eve night to be precise! As a family business, going back 160years, there are many long standing traditions that I daren’t change now at the risk of offending my forefathers! One of these is the obligatory “drop” on Christmas Eve at the end of not only another long day but another long (and hopefully busy) season.

Unusually for me my whisky of choice at the moment is a Scotch –                                              “The Balvenie Doublewood” 12yr old Single Malt

I say unusual as Irish whiskey is normally my preference (Redbreast 12yr old being a favourite). However I got a present of The Balvenie sometime back and really fell for it. The Doublewood refers to the fact that it is matured in two different types of oak cask hence it’s complexity yet rich and smooth taste. It spends many years maturing in the traditional whisky oak casks and then prior to bottling a few months in oak sherry casks. The result is a very smooth single malt indeed.

I always cut my whisk(e)y with a little water to fully release the aromas and flavours but as with everything, each to their own.

PS A little secret! Seeing as the temperatures are still dropping and with no sign of improvement I’m not going to wait until Christmas Eve – in fact I’m enjoying a drop now as I write this. I don’t know what my forefathers would make of that but I’m sure they would be doubtful about this blogging!

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