Another reason to shop local

Another, long established, wine importer has met its demise in the last few weeks. Adams Vintners of Dublin has closed with not only the depressing loss of more jobs but also the loss of more choice for all Irish wine lovers.

 If wine drinkers don’t continue to support local, independent wine retailers, then there will be more closures like this and as a result a diminishing choice of niche, new and interesting wines. Do we really want to follow the English model of big brand/own label wines competing only on price to the detriment of real choice and the possibility of discovering some hidden gems. I am already finding that some fantastic wines I carry are being delisted by wholesalers who can’t justify the volumes to their accountants.

Of course the supermarkets carry some great wines at equally great prices, but remember to shop around as well, in the interests of maintaining choice, or in the long run the genuine wine lovers will be the real losers.

On the closure of Adams, I managed to pick up the last 18 bottles of Dows 1985 Vintage Port. Normally retailing at E95, these last few are going forE75 on a first come first seved basis – well there has to be some silver lining!

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3 Responses to Another reason to shop local

  1. Ovidiu says:

    I do believe in supporting the local economy but could anyone explain why is the same wine I bought in France for €2.50 selling in Ireland for €10 or even €15?!

  2. Neville Sweetnam says:

    do you have “warwick pinotage” or “ruffino chianti” in stock?, xmas presents for my wife. remind her of engagement and honeymoon!
    regards neville

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