Cono Sur 20 Barrels Pinot Noir

The Process – grapes are harvested by hand and after careful selection the bunches are destemmed with care taken not to crush the berries. The fruit is then placed in open top tanks where it undergoes carbonic maceration at low temperatures. Later the grapes are foot trodden and colour extraction is enhanced by manual cap immersion. After fermentation is complete the wine is aged in new French oak barrels for 14 months approx.

Carbonic Maceration – in this process rather than crushing the grapes to start the fermentation, as is usual, the whole grapes are carefully placed in vat and covered by a layer of carbon dioxide. This stunts the yeasts and causes the grapes to start fermenting from within. This type of fermentation creates ethanol and various appealing aromas. Wines produced  using MC (also known as “whole grape fermentation”) are generally lower in tannins and acidity, lighter and more fruity.

The Wine – an elegant and voluptuous Pinot with a deep ruby red colour. A very complex nose showing leather with tobacco hints and undertones of bitter cherry and raspberry. On the palate the fruit comes to the fore – a mix of red berry fruits, strawberries, raspberries & cherries with smoky notes and a hint of eucalyptus. Great fruit extraction with a deliciously long and soft finish. This is very much a New World wine in an Old World style – at its best with food.

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