Road Trip With A Sticky Ending!

WE recently decided on a family trip in the East Cork direction, west being our usual route. It turned out to be a good decision which proved very fortuitous for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, for very selfish reasons, it provided me the opportunity of studying the extensive Ballymaloe wine list (a stop there being part of our itinerary). Study is the only word I can use for this absolutely fantastic list, which if you’re a wine nut – a condition I happily confess to – will leave you drooling. There aren’t many lists as well balanced and extensive as this one. Noticed too that “Little Beauty” Riesling, from Cork based wine company Wine Alliance, was their “wine of the month”, a wine I also stock.

Secondly, in Cloyne, I picked up a jar of locally produced honey – Lisanley. I tasted it on my return home and can truly say I hadn’t tasted honey like it in many years. Decided there & then I was going to add it to Bradley’s ever growing range of quality, local produce.

A slightly surreal telephone call to the beekeeper ensued, the gist of which was me complimenting his fantastic product and saying I’d love to stock it and him saying great but we don’t deliver as far as Cork!! So what to do? What else? I hopped in the car and back down to Cloyne to fill the boot!!

So now, it is on my shelf, for you to enjoy and there’s no need to hold back – I can always make another road trip, maybe stop for a glass of wine on the way…

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