So a couple of questions – How important really is Cork to us Corkonians? Are we not famous nationally & internationally for the pride we take in our city? “Beautiful City, charming and pretty” and all that!! 

Here’s the thing, if we want to maintain a vibrant city, that we can all be proud of, we need to give it our support, use it, inhabit it – to coin a phrase, “use it or lose it”. 

Despite all the talk of “green shoots” & “economic turn arounds”, business is tough, retail is very tough and city centre seem to be struggling most of all. This can be witnessed by all the vacant units, not least on our main street, St. Patrick St. and throughout the city.

All of us city traders have fantastic customers that give us continued loyal support but for many the city centre is no longer on the agenda. If you were to be asked when was the last time you visited the city centre, would you have to stop to think?

Here’s my simple suggestion – a “once a month” motto for all of us. If we all commited to visiting the city centre at least once a month to support city businesses it would go a long way to restoring our city to former glories.

Who knows, the powers that be might come on board with free parking once a month but that’s not something we can wait on. The power is with all of us, it’s we that can make the difference. What price a thriving city?

So say it once, say it loud: “I’m a Corkonian and I’m proud.”



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2 Responses to #CorkCityOnceAMonth

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  2. Donncha says:

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    I used to walk around town every Saturday but rarely visit these days. A shame because there are plenty of opportunities for photography. I miss my street photography sometimes.

    Thanks Damien for the link.

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